Core Research

Exclamatory As Ifs (with Sadhwi Srinivas)

Forthcoming in Proceedings of SuB 24

What Ifs (with Kyle Rawlins)

Accepted for publication in Semantics & Pragmatics

Fatalism and the Logic of Unconditionals

Noûs 54(1): 126-161, 2020

Supersedes this paper from Proceedings of 21st Amsterdam Colloquium, 2017

Resistance and Resolution: Attentional Dynamics in Discourse (with Kyle Rawlins)

Journal of Semantics 37(1): 43-82, 2020 

As Ifs (with Sadhwi Srinivas)

Proceedings of SuB 23: 163-180, 2019

Closure and Epistemic Modals (with Tamar Lando)

Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 97(1): 3-22, 2018

Rigid and Flexible Quantification in Plural Predicate Logic (with Lucas Champollion and Haoze Li)

Proceedings of SALT 27: 418-437, 2017

Epistemic Resistance Moves (with Kyle Rawlins)

Proceedings of SALT 26: 620-640, 2016

Modus Ponens Defended

Journal of Philosophy CXII(2): 57-83, 2015

Logic Informed

Mind 123(490): 277-316, 2014


Dissertation: Logic Informed

UC Berkeley, 2013

Papers under Review & Revision

Ethica more logico demonstrata (with Yitzhak Melamed)

Under review

Descriptive As If(with Sadhwi Srinivas)

Revise & resubmit

Expressive As If(with Sadhwi Srinivas)

Revise & resubmit

Side Papers

Challenging Epistemology: Interactive Proofs and Zero Knowledge

Journal of Applied Logic 6: 490-501, 2008


Model-Theoretic Explanations in the Theory of Dense Linear Orderings

Draft of 2011


Research Programs, Model-Building, and Actor-Network-Theory: Reassessing the Case of the Leontief Paradox (with Sharon Shewmake)

Journal of Economic Methodology 11(4): 444-476, 2004