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Core Research

Descriptive As Ifs (with Sadhwi Srinivas)

Forthcoming in Linguistics and Philosophy

Supersedes this paper from Proceedings of SuB 23, 2019

Spinozian Model Theory (with Yitzhak Melamed)

Advances in Modal Logic, Volume 13, 2020

Exclamatory As Ifs (with Sadhwi Srinivas)

Proceedings of SuB 24: 84-101, 2020

Fatalism and the Logic of Unconditionals

Noûs 54(1): 126-161, 2020

Supersedes this paper from Proceedings of 21st Amsterdam Colloquium, 2017

Resistance and Resolution: Attentional Dynamics in Discourse (with Kyle Rawlins)

Journal of Semantics 37(1): 43-82, 2020 

What Ifs (with Kyle Rawlins)

Semantics & Pragmatics 12(14): 1-55, 2019

Closure and Epistemic Modals (with Tamar Lando)

Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 97(1): 3-22, 2018

Rigid and Flexible Quantification in Plural Predicate Logic (with Lucas Champollion and Haoze Li)

Proceedings of SALT 27: 418-437, 2017

Epistemic Resistance Moves (with Kyle Rawlins)

Proceedings of SALT 26: 620-640, 2016

Modus Ponens Defended

Journal of Philosophy CXII(2): 57-83, 2015

Logic Informed

Mind 123(490): 277-316, 2014


Dissertation: Logic Informed

UC Berkeley, 2013

Papers Under Revision & In Progress

Ethica more logico demonstrata (with Yitzhak Melamed)

R&R/under revision

Expressive As If(with Sadhwi Srinivas)

R&R/under revision

Composing Truthmakers 

Truthmaker Pragmatics and Anaphora 

Side Papers

Challenging Epistemology: Interactive Proofs and Zero Knowledge

Journal of Applied Logic 6: 490-501, 2008


Model-Theoretic Explanations in the Theory of Dense Linear Orderings

Draft of 2011


Research Programs, Model-Building, and Actor-Network-Theory: Reassessing the Case of the Leontief Paradox (with Sharon Shewmake)

Journal of Economic Methodology 11(4): 444-476, 2004





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